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  • Important Notice: The NUS Office of Alumni Relations would like to remind all alumni that the NUS alumni email service is a good-will service provided to NUS alumni by the University for the purposes of relationship building with alumni, and is not to be used for business or commercial purposes or objectives. Accordingly, the use of the NUS alumni email service to offer any commercial services to any party (including through sending annoying or unwanted messages and unsolicited mass emails), and the use of mailing lists to flood an individual, group or the University's email system with emails for any such purpose, is strictly prohibited. Any such action may result in the University suspending and/or terminating the account of the user in question, render such user liable to criminal prosecution, civil liability or both (where paragraph 7.4 of the University's Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources ("Acceptable Use Policy") is applicable) and/or render such user liable to indemnify the University and its officers from any claims, damages, losses and expenses resulting from such user's failure to observe any of the provisions of the Acceptable Use Policy.

    More iMore information on the prohibited uses of the NUS alumni email service can be found in the Acceptable Use Policy